An unreasonable demand.

By | September 21, 2011

Yesterday a customer complained [after making a purchase] that he couldn’t play my files on his iPad. He claimed that the website should have warned him that the files were incompatible with his device.
But to me, that’s unreasonable.

There are hundreds of PDAs, tablets and smart phones out there. I can’t possibly know the capabilities of all of them. I don’t own an iPad, and I had no idea that you had to convert the files to another format before the iPad could play them.

I sell mp3 files, and I state that very clearly. It’s the customer’s responsibility to know if (or how) their device plays mp3 files before making a purchase.

One thought on “An unreasonable demand.

  1. Anonymous

    The customer is an idiot, iPad plays mp3 just fine. Customer just needed to download to a computer and drag into iTunes then sync with his iPad.

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