World Hypnotism Day

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January 4 is World Hypnotism Day, a day for education, improvement, and assistance to those who are looking to improve themselves and the quality of their lives. Each year on this day, hypnotists and hypnotherapists worldwide present low cost and free events to increase awareness of hypnosis and its benefits. Most of these professionals focus on the therapeutic benefits of hypnosis like weight loss and smoking cessation but will completely ignore the potential for sexual enhancement.

Most people first learn about hypnosis through popular fiction (i.e, books, movies, television). Many of us who grew up in the late 1960s and early 1970s spent our Saturday mornings glued to the television. And we first learned about hypnosis through cartoons such as Underdog, and Scooby Doo, which presented hypnosis as a means for villains to gain control of unsuspecting victims. Popular prime-time shows such as Charlie's Angels, Gilligan's Island, Wonder Woman, Lois & Clark also portrayed hypnosis as a method of seducing and controlling victims; as have numerous vampire books and films. These shows may have been entertaining, but for many people, they also generated a fear of being seduced or controlled through hypnosis.

Few people remember individual episodes of cartoons they watched as kids. But they do retain an impression of hypnosis based on what they have seen. Repeatedly seeing it portrayed this way creates conscious and subconscious fears against using hypnosis; even in areas where it can be beneficial. Responding to these fears, professional hypnotists developed education programs that focused on self improvement such as weight loss and improved confidence, but often refrained from mentioning benefits related to sex.

But there are many ways we can use hypnosis to enhance our sexuality and sexual pleasures. Reducing inhibitions is one of the most common uses of hypnosis. Many men and women suffer from conflicting desires. They may want to engage in some sexual activity (like cunnilingus) but be afraid of being judged as inadequate. The fear creates an inhibition that dampens their enjoyment. Hypnosis help the person address or set aside the fear so that they can engage in the activity more fully. Fully engaging in the activity without fear of being judged will naturally increase their pleasure.

In a previous article, I mentioned increasing sexual desire. Life can be stressful, and stress can reduce or dampen our natural sexual appetites. We can use hypnosis to reduce stress. But more than that, we can use hypnosis to recapture that state of mind where we can enjoy the passion and anticipation that fuels our sexual appetites.

With hypnosis, we can also increase our awareness of our sexuality. My latest recording, The Artist's Brush, is designed to help women become more in tune with their sense of touch. So that they become more aware of the sensuality of their bodies and to feel a greater pleasure in every kiss and caress.

We can also use hypnosis to explore darker seduction and erotic power exchange fantasies. Many women fantasize about being controlled and forced to feel sexual arousal. But the same dark elements that make the fantasies appealing can also make them too dangerous to actualize. If you give someone permission to force you, then you're not really being forced. If you don't give permission, then it's rape, it's illegal, and there's no end to the consequences. But with hypnosis, you can actually experience a forced arousal fantasy. A post hypnotic trigger can be planted and forgotten so the arousal is a surprise.

World Hypnotism Day was developed to "... remove the myths and misconceptions while promoting the truth and benefits of hypnotism to the people of the world." But let's remember that sexuality is an important part of our lives. And let's not be afraid to explore the potential sexual benefits of hypnosis.

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