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Started Rehearsing Subconscious Triggers

I thought when I finished building the new web site I would return to working on my third novel, The Dark Matter Bimbos. But I am still completely stuck on that. So tonight I started rehearsing Subconscious Triggers. This MP3 will be more for fun than anything else. Like volunteering a stage show, the MP3… Read More »

New Web site

I am happy to announce that after months of hard work, I’m finally ready to unveil my new web site, including: a professionally-built eCommerce solution with a proper shopping cart. two new short stories, linked tags for the MP3s (which will enable you to see which MP3s have common themes, and post-hypnotic suggestions), a more… Read More »

About Hypnotic Dreams

Hypnotic Dreams originally stemmed from a desire to introduce women to erotic hypnosis. But it has evolved into a unique and artistic synthesis of sexual fantasy, storytelling, hypnosis, NLP, D/s, sexual philosophy, and personal growth. For my first recording, Introducing Erotic Hypnosis, I wanted to show that every woman could enjoy erotic hypnosis, not just fetishists.… Read More »

About the Author / Hypnotist

People have asked me how I first became interested in erotic hypnosis. I can’t really be sure. I have always been fascinated with both science fiction and hypnosis. But so many comic books and TV shows portrayed women in a hypnotic trance that it is difficult to be certain which one inspired my first thoughts… Read More »

Skill is Sexy

This comic represents a popular fantasy among people with a hypnosis fetish, the fantasy of being hypnotized without being consciously aware of it. People who enjoy this fantasy want more than just to be hypnotized. They want to be awed, amazed, and sometimes surprised. They also want to be seduced by a hypnotist they can… Read More »

Erotica for the Visually Impaired

The American Foundation for the Blind reports that in the USA alone, 20 million people suffer from visual impairment*. Their surveys showed as many as 22% of visually impaired people were interested in watching Adult (sexually explicit) videos with audio description. Well, I don’t produce videos, but I do produce sexually explicit audio stories, which… Read More »

Sexually Explicit Language

A few people have expressed surprise at my use of explicit erotic language. So let me explain: The words we use shape our perception of objects and activities. Words such as “penis” and “vagina” represent the body parts clinically, i.e., with no reference to their functions and with no emotional implication. The terms “pussy” and… Read More »