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new hypnosis social network

There is a new social network for people interested in erotic hypnosis I know, I’m the first one to complain about having too many social networks. But I think this one actually REPLACES hypnotizeme, which wasn’t working very well.

Status update on Essence of a Slave

I recorded a session of Essence of a Slave yesterday. Started listening to it today. It sounds good so far. So there’s a good chance I might actually be able to release this recording near my target date ( April 20-25). Now if I can just figure out what music to use.

A flier for A More Sensual Kegel

One of my customers asked what she could do to help me promote my recordings. So I thought about it, and I came up with this flier for A More Sensual Kegel. I in A More Sensual Kegel to be a self-help sexual health product. In fact I used very mild language so that even… Read More »


I learned a new word today, “hyperempiria”. The word refers to a paradigm for hypnosis which regards suggestion as an art form enabling us to work directly with the ultimate artistic medium, human experience itself. I’ve been telling folks that I was pioneering a new art form with my hypnotic audio stories. But now I… Read More »

Early Preview for Essence of a Slave

Although I’m still rehearsing Essence of a Slave, I’ve posted an excerpt from the April 2 rehearsal as an early preview. Essence of a Slave is a kidnap and enslavement fantasy that includes post-hypnotic suggestions to think and feel like a true slave.  Rehearsals are going fairly well, with any luck, I’ll be able to… Read More »

Should I produce more self help recordings?

Been thinking about this question this week. Should I consider producing some self help hypnosis recordings? (Weight loss, smoking cessation, improve self esteem, etc.) The question came up because sales of my erotic hypnosis recordings have decreased over the last year (in spite of my producing new recordings). Someone suggested I expand my offerings to… Read More »

Eliminated from ABNA

Amazon announced the results of the second round of the ABNA today. My novel, Redemption for the Hypnotist, was eliminated. I’m disappointed, but not really surprised. I always suspected the sexual content of my book would get me eliminated. Although, since they still haven’t posted the reviews. I don’t know what decision was based on.

Art for Essence of a Slave

I selected the cover art for Essence of a Slave, my next erotic hypnosis script. While I was working on this image, my mother walked by and glanced over my shoulder. She was appalled that I was working on anything related to sexual slavery, and pestered me about it for the next two hours. She… Read More »

International Women’s Day

One of my Facebook friends just informed me that today is International Women’s Day. I guess facebook is good for something after all. (Although that really isn’t saying much). But it’s a nice coincidence that I finally finished and released Reorienting. This latest hypnotic audio story will help bisexual and bi curious women become more… Read More »

Finally Recorded Reorienting

I finally (yes FINALLY) recorded a session that meets my quality standards. I’m editing it now and should be able to make it available in about a week. Reorienting is an erotic hypnosis audio story about a woman’s first bisexual experience; it includes post-hypnotic suggestions to feel the desire to be with another woman and… Read More »