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International Women’s Day

One of my Facebook friends just informed me that today is International Women’s Day. I guess facebook is good for something after all. (Although that really isn’t saying much). But it’s a nice coincidence that I finally finished and released Reorienting. This latest hypnotic audio story will help bisexual and bi curious women become more… Read More »

Finally Recorded Reorienting

I finally (yes FINALLY) recorded a session that meets my quality standards. I’m editing it now and should be able to make it available in about a week. Reorienting is an erotic hypnosis audio story about a woman’s first bisexual experience; it includes post-hypnotic suggestions to feel the desire to be with another woman and… Read More »

Amazon Breakthrough Novel First round Results

Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award: 1st round results posted. They liked my pitch letter. So Redemption for the Hypnotist will be moving into the second round. I wouldn’t be surprised if the book gets eliminated in the second round because of the sexual theme. But you never know, the judges might just like my writing.

Review of The Ultimate Kiss

Oysters & Chocolate Erotica has posted a glowing review of my erotic hypnosis recording, The Ultimate Kiss.

Rehearsing again

Rehearsing again. My voice is starting to come back, but it’s still not as strong as I like. Hopefully the rehearsals will help strengthen it.

Coupon with Purchase

Guess I’m not doing enough to promote my site. That’s typical, I’ve always hated advertising. But I got to do something. So for the near future, anyone who buys one of my erotic hypnosis mp3s will receive a coupon code worth 10% off the price of my ebook.

think I finally figured it out

I think I’ve finally figured out why I’ve been having so much trouble with my voice the past couple of  years. For those who might wonder, it was a posture issue. The last 3 years, I’ve spent most of my days (12-14 hours a day) in a reclining position while worked on a laptop computer.… Read More »

Amazon Breakthrough Novel

I decided to submit Redemption for the Hypnotist for the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award. It’s a toss up if the book will make it past the first round or be disqualified because of the explicit sexual content.

New femdom script: Sympathetic Magic

I’ve written the first draft of Sympathetic Magic. In this fantasy, a witch captures the essence of your cock and stores it in a cock-shaped pendant. Through hypnosis and NLP (disguised as magic) she convinces your subconscious mind that she has linked your cock to the pendant so that when she strokes the pendant, you… Read More »