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Cover Art for The Perfect Pet

I closed the survey for The Perfect Pet cover art. I only received 16 responses, but the overwhelming majority chose the following image as their preference. For those who did respond. Thanks for your input.

Results for the Ultimate Kiss

Apparently one of my customers got such good results from The Ultimate Kiss she decided to write an article about it. “Normally BJs are a chore, but this evening I couldn’t get enough. He noticed a major difference from how I gave head this evening compared to the past. I really enjoyed it. I told… Read More »

Finished writing The Perfect Pet

I have finally, finally, finally finished writing the script for The Perfect Pet. The erotic hypnosis script is not an enactment puppy or kitten play. (Although it would certainly benefit women who want to engage in that sort of play.) This script is more of an attitude conditioner. Providing a hypnotic experience that conditions the… Read More »

Hypnosis MP3s in Auction to benefit Diabetes Research

I donated a couple of MP3s to Brenda Novak’s Auction to benefit Diabetes research. Hypnosis for a More Sensual Kegel You can Enjoy Eating Healthy These two MP3s normally retail for $16.50 and $18 USD, respectively. But bidding starts at $3. I’m very curious to see how many people will bid on theses titles. 

Delay effects and recording depth

Last night I watched the video lectures on delay effects. Then I experimented with the instructor’s recommendations. I learned that delayed echos of 80-90 ms can create a sense of depth (and warmth). So I experimented with this a bit. It seems to work really well with the guitar, but not so well with my… Read More »

Experimenting with a sound editor

As I mentioned before, I’m taking a course titled, Introduction to Music Production. This course  has gotten me to try a new sound editing program, Studio One, and experiment with different settings for recording sound. And I’ve discovered a couple of surprising things. 1. Not all of the clicks that plagued my recording were mouth… Read More »

Too tied to the computer.

A couple of people have recently asked me how effective my hypnosis mp3 files are compared to yahoo videos. Both said that the videos were ineffective, and asked how they could become more receptive to hypnotic suggestion. This is a good question. Given the proliferation of youtube hypnosis videos, a lot of people must be… Read More »

Saving an MP3 to an iPad

One of my customers this weekend had trouble saving her mp3. After several emails, I find out she is trying to save them to an iPad. I don’t own a tablet device or smart phone (and I don’t intend to ever own one), but wanting to be a helpful merchant, I went online and tried… Read More »

Taking a course in Music Production

I’ve often complained that my lack of knowledge about sound editing has made producing hypnosis mp3s more difficult than it should be. Thanks to Coursera, I finally get to do something about this. I signed up for a course titled Intro to Music Production. Loudon Stern of the Berklee College of Music is teaching this… Read More »