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A Classic Dilbert reprinted at today. Serial recruitment is a classic theme in mind control stories. The first instance [that I know of] was in the movie, Dracula has Risen from the Grave. Dracula enslaved the beautiful Veronica Carlson, who then brings him another girl. I think the theme is popular because it demonstrates… Read More »

The Pygmalion Hypnotist – 1st draft complete

I have completed the first draft of my second novel,  The Pygmalion Hypnotist. The first draft ended up being 72,700 words; the longest document I can ever remember writing. Now I set it aside for a while and catch up on some of my other projects, like Pleasure Drone and helping my mother put her… Read More »

Oysters & Chocolate – Broken links

I just discovered that the Oysters & Chocolate web site has been taken down. The links from my web site to the reviews O&C had posted are being redirected to I’ll probably have to remove those links, but first I want to see if I can get pdf copies of the reviews from the… Read More »

Article reposted at Liberator

I was a little surprised to find my article on the Kegel exercises reposted at Liberator today. Last June (8 months ago)  they said they were going to remove all the articles that promoted non-liberator products. And that was the last I heard from anyone there. I’m glad to see them reposting one of my… Read More »

World Hypnotism Day

Yes, Jan 4 is World Hypnotism Day. But I’m not doing anything special for it. I’m continuing to write my second novel, The Pygmalion Hypnotist. I’m making good progress. I about midway through the 3rd act (if you look at the story like a 3-act play).

Writer’s of the Future

Earlier this year, I dusted off an old short story (sci fi, not erotic). I revised it and sent it to the L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future contest. I heard today that my story received an “Honorable Mention”. At first I was thrilled. It’s not a win, but it is acknowledgement that the… Read More »

Preview of Pleasure Drone

I posted an early preview of Pleasure Drone. Today’s rehearsal went fairly well, so I partially cleaned up the introduction and posted it as an early preview.

Hypnosis Safety Question

I received an email today asking about hypnosis safety. This potential new sub stated that she had read of hypnotists abusing their sub’s trust and implanting post-hypnotic triggers that made the sub vomit whenever she heard a trigger phrase. The incident that she cited wasn’t just abusive, it was also sloppy and created a lot… Read More »

Preview Pymalion Trances

Some of you may know that I’m hard at work on my second erotic novel, Pygmalion Hypnosis (working title). Some of you may not know, so I’ve posted a synopsis and and early draft of my first chapter.

Results of the Blog Review Tour

This week, five bloggers reviewed my erotic interracial romance novel, Redemption for the Hypnotist. The results were quite good. The Steam Side    4 steams (out of 5)Long and Short Reviews 4 1/2 stars  Wicked Readings by Tawania 4 starsSlave’s Erotic Reviews 4 pensErzabet’s Enchantments 3 stars Three of the five reviewers also said they’re looking… Read More »