Downloading to an Android phone

By | July 5, 2011

Every once in a while someone will tell me they can’t download a file and ask if I’ll email it to them. The answer, unfortunately, is no. My host won’t allow email attachments larger than 20 MB. And all my mp3 files are over 25 MB.

Today the person asking said she couldn’t download to her Android phone. So I took a quick look around the Android forums and found the following:

I dont think you can save the mp3 directly with the default browser. You can save the link…
But you can save the mp3 to your sd card by using App “Steel” browser ..
Once you have the page loaded … then long-press on the “play” and select “save” … this will allow you to save it.

And this…

there’s an app called “Download Crutch” that lets you download things that you normally might not be able to download. I would install that app, and then long press on the link, see if you get the option to “Save target as” or “download” or “save link as”.

I don’t have an Android (I don’t even have a cell phone), so I personally can’t test these solutions. But I expect they’ll work.

Of course, next thing you know someone who downloaded a file to their phone will tell me the phone crashed and they didn’t have a backup, could they please have a replacement download.