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In The Pink

Clear your head with a makeover at our new spa, In The Pink. Our hostesses have been specially trained to help you free yourself of unnecessary thoughts, nurture your femininity, and revel in your feminine sexuality.

At the spa, you'll be lightly hypnotized, helped to shed unnecessary concerns, and enjoy visits to the salon and the clothing stores. Finally you'll share your new self at a party where you discover how much you love to see men respond to your feminine sexuality.

Tags: erotic hypnosis, feminization, bimbofication

Post-hypnotic Suggestions: Clearing your mind makes you happy. Enjoy being a woman, Nurture your feminine sexuality and enjoy adorning yourself with clothes that show off your attractivenss.

Triggers: If you wear a pink bracelet (any pink bracelet) while listening to the MP3, you will be able to trigger yourself into a happy, carefree, simpleminded girl with the bracelet. The second is that wearing pink panties (with the bracelet) will also make the listener horny.

Techniques: Nested stories, confusion

Audio Format: MP3

Length: 28 min. (22.3 MB)

Price: $25 USD

Explicitness: Sexual situations

Notes: Suitable for women, crossdressers, transgendered individuals, and anyone interested in being more feminine. This MP3/CD describes sexual situations in erotic language, but is free of D/s references.