Picture of pet woman

The Perfect Pet

The Perfect Pet is not a puppy or a kitten, but a woman who lives (like a pet) in a natural state of mind. She sets aside linguistic thoughts, and focuses her sensual awareness. She forgets shame and modesty, and lives in the pure natural joy of her body. She lives fully in the present, not worrying about the past or future. And most importantly, she is dedicated to giving unconditional love and affection.

In this erotic hypnosis MP3, you are regressed to a young age and trained to keep your mind calm so you can develop your sensual awareness. Then you are progressed into your teenage years and shown how to revel in the pure natural joy of your body. Then you discover the desire to give yourself to a man, and imagine the sexual encounter that will establish the intimate bonds of unconditional love and devotion.

Tags: erotic hypnosis, for women, erotic pet play, teacher/student (older man/younger woman), first sexual encounter

Post-hypnotic Suggestions: Attune yourself to your master's needs. Fulfillment is giving unconditional love and devotion. Nudity is natural.

Techniques: Nested stories, guided relaxation, positive affirmations

Audio Format: MP3

Length: 30.5 min

Price: $25 USD

Explicitness: Explicit descriptions of sexual activity, including submission training.

Additional Notes: Although not specifically puppy play or kitten play, this MP3 will help with mental conditioning for those activities.