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Subconscious Triggers

You get excited when you know you've been hypnotized and that you're going to respond to hypnotic commands. You get even more excited when you realize you don't know exactly what those commands are. This MP3 plants three hypnotic triggers in your subconscious and then directs your subconscious to hide those commands from your conscious awareness. One trigger is verbal and two are visual. Then I wake you and speak the verbal trigger. Leaving you to discover the two visual triggers in your own time.

The triggers are sexually suggestive, but nothing permanent or D/s related. This MP3 is strictly for a little sexy fun.


As of March 8, 2016, I've completed the first draft of the script. However, I probably won't record it until I finish the first draft of my third novel. But I am thinking about setting up a live session to get some feedback before I make the final recording.

If you'd like to recieve an email when I schedule the test or when the final version is availabe, please join my mailing list.

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Tags: erotic hypnosis, for women

Triggers: Yes, but I'm not revealing them. The surprise is half the fun.

Techniques: Confusion, hypnotic amnesia

Audio Format: MP3

Length: TBD

Price: TBD

Explicitness: Mildly suggestive. No explicit descriptions of sexual activity

Notes: Also includes commands to relax and go into a trance at my command, which will enhance your responsiveness to my other recordings.