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The Ultimate Kiss

Through hypnosis, a woman discovers the intense sensuality of her lips, and the ability to sexually connect with a man by performing fellatio. She discovers that fellatio can provide intense physical pleasure and emotional satisfaction for a woman as well as a man, and the shared pleasure helps makes their relationship more intimate and satisfying.

Sophisticated NLP language patterns brings the listener right into the story, and post-hypnotic suggestions will increase your own enjoyment and enthusiasm for this intimate activity.

Genres: Erotic hypnosis, for women, romantic erotica, sexual enhancement

Post-hypnotic Suggestions: Your lips are very sensitive, fellatio helps you sexually connect with a man, fellatio gives a woman both physical pleasure and emotional satifaction.

Techniques: Nested stories, time distortion, possitive affirmations

Audio Format: Downloadable MP3 and CD

Length: 28.3 minutes (27.5 MB)

Price: $25 USD

Notes: This is not a how-to guide, but an attitude enhancer. For more information, read my article Hypnosis Can Help Women Enjoy Fellatio. This erotic hypnosis audio story contains explicit descriptions of fellatio, but is free of BDSM or fetish references.


"I became totally enthralled with the story. The sexy, rhythmic voice adds a dimension to the story that can never be achieved with simply reading a book … Each sensation described in the story was mirrored on me. Wonderful." — Oysters & Chocolate

Finalist 2011 "O" Award

The Ultimate Kiss was a finalist for the 2011 "O" Award for Outstanding Innovation in the Pleasure Products Industry.

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