A Tango in Subspace


For women considering sexual submission and those who need help accepting the desire to be submissive. This story uses a hypnotic sensory deprivation chamber to take you on a journey into the collective subconscious of human sexual desires. As you see these desires manifest, you find one couple dancing the Tango. The dance embodies of romantic and passionate spirit of dominance and submission. Soon you find yourself dancing with a dominate male spirit. Embraced in the dance, you experience the passion and intimacy of submitting to a man’s desires, feeling his desires become your own, and move your mind and body. You take these desires to move to the bedroom and enjoy an even more intimate submission.

” … powerful and very enjoyable. The picture the dream-master paints of the strong and sexy dominant male to my submissive female is incredibly alluring.” —Oysters & Chocolate

Note: While intended for entertainment, this MP3 may also serve as an attitude conditioner. Repeated listening will help the listener accept their  desire for submission within a safe, sane, and consensual relationship.



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