The Pleasure Principle


In this mp3, I tell an erotic story of a hypnotist who helped a woman regain her excitement for sex and increase her desires for all sexual pleasures, including flirting, kissing, foreplay and intercourse. Telling the story with sophisticated NLP language patterns, I implant the same post-hypnotic suggestions in the listener’s subconscious mind, increasing her desire for sexual pleasures and to helping you transform yourself into a woman who looks forward to the pleasures of sex.

The recording is free of D/s and fetish references, so every women may enjoy listening and experience a healthy increase in sexual desire.

“…If you are looking to embrace the sensual woman in you, I would highly recommend trying one of these erotic audio stories before you try anything else…” — Oysters & Chocolate

“For any woman that has difficulty with getting aroused – I would highly recommend these hypnotherapy sessions.” — Olivia Van Logum



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Sexual Explicitness




Post-hypnotic Suggestions

Enjoy a healthy increase in sexual desire., Look forward to all sexual pleasures from flirting to intercourse




25 minutes


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