New guitar

By | December 7, 2007

I lay a track of classical guitar music underneath my hypnotic recordings. The soft music helps set a relaxing tone for the recording and also helps the listener ease into a trance.

I’ve been learning classical music on a steel string guitar for the past several years. I’ve had that old guitar for 28 years, had it refurbished twice. And although I loved that old guitar, I felt it was time to upgrade and buy a real classical instrument.

After trying out about a dozen instruments, I bought a Rodriguez C3 Cedar Top classical. It’s a beautiful sounding instrument with a deep, rich base. But after playing a steel string guitar for about ten years, I’m finding it difficult to adjust my fingering to the nylon strings. The strings aren’t just farther apart, they are also farther from the fret board than on a steel-string guitar. And I think I need to put less pressure on the strings because my fingers keep sliding off the strings. I am also having a very difficult time fingering the 13th-15th frets.