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About Hypnotic Dreams

Hypnotic Dreams originally stemmed from a desire to introduce more women to erotic hypnosis. But it has evolved into a unique and artistic synthesis of sexual fantasy, storytelling, hypnosis, NLP, D/s, sexual philosophy, and personal growth.

For my first recording (Introducing Erotic Hypnosis), I wanted to show that every woman could enjoy erotic hypnosis, not just fetishists. So I included a series of positive affirmations that helped the listener become more comfortable with her sexuality. The second recording (Hypnotically Seduced was purely for entertainment; and my third (Building the Perfect Fetish) was designed for novices in the hypnosis fetish community. But as I grew as a script writer, I also wanted to tell more interesting stories that explore and expand different aspects of human sexuality; exemplifying positive sexual philosophies with entertaining stories. Over time, I've come to think of hypnotic storytelling as a unique art form, which can free the listener's mind to explore his/her sexual potential as well as provide stimulating entertainment.

I develop every Hypnotic Dreams audio story with sophisticated hypnotic language patterns that take you deep into a hypnotic trance where you can experience every desire and sensation being described. The trance enables you to experience near-realistic fantasies of seduction, obedience training, BDSM, light bondage, dominance and submission. (Although it was entirely by accident that crossed into paranormal romance.)

Some stories are purely for entertainment. But some use erotic hypnosis and NLP to synchronize the mind and body for increased sexual desire and pleasure in real life. Some contain intense dominance and submission scenes and post-hypnotic commands for real-life sexual submission. Most also include positive affirmations and post-hypnotic suggestions to help the listener free themselves from sexual inhibitions, achieve deeper arousal, greater pleasure, and more intense orgasms with real-life partners. But every erotic hypnosis audio story is designed to entertain you and enhance your sexual pleasures.

Trance Conditioners

For novices and those who have difficulty achieving a deep trance, I also offer two gender-neutral, non-sexual Trance Conditioners (Actually male- and female-voiced versions of the same script). Anyone can use these recordings to achieve deeper trances, more vivid visualizations, and better responses to hypnotic suggestions.

"For Women" vs. Femdom

Originally, I intended only to provide recordings for women. But no matter how I modified this web site, I couldn't escape the fact that the majority of my visitors come from the hypnofetish community, which is predominantly male. So in 2009, I added two femdom recordings for submissive men. These proved popular for a while; but interest has since waned. So I don't know if I'll produce any more.

Fair Warning

Your subconscious mind will naturally accept the suggestions that give you pleasure, even when you are not consciously aware that you accept them. While reading or listening to erotic hypnosis audio stories, you may consciously or unconsciously accept hypnotic suggestions that will:

  • increase your sexual desire
  • increase the desire to be hypnotized
  • increase submissiveness
  • create instant and intense sexual responses