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Technically on hiatus while I write the sci fi comedy novel, The Dark Matter Bimbos. However…

Erotic Hypnosis For Women

I've written the a new script called, Subconscious Triggers. This is for women who enjoy having triggers planted in their subconscious, having their memories of those triggers blocked, and being surprised when they are triggered. The triggers are sexually suggestive, but more for fun that arousal, and will only fire once after each time you listen to the mp3. I will probably record the script after I finish the first draft of The Dark Matter Bimbos.

I'm thinking of developing a couple more slave training MP3s, The Duty of a Slave and The Kiss of a Slave. The duty of a slave is to be pleasing in every thing she does. Cooking, Cleaning, kneeling, kissing, everything she does should enhance her Master's life and bring him pleasure. The kiss of a slave connects her sexuality to her Master's, reaffirms her slavery and offers her passion as a gift of pleasure to her Master. So far, these are just concepts. They still need development.

Several other ideas are also under consideration, including a playful spanking fantasy, a trigger program for instant arousal sexual arousal, a public auction/humiliation fantasy, a sleeper agent fantasy, If you'd like to express your opinion or suggest another idea, send me a note.

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Novels & Short stories

I started a collection of D/s training vignettes. I put it aside for awhile. I'll get back to it after I finish the Dark Matter Bimbos.

Femdom Hypnosis for Men

Tammy is no longer available to voice my femdom recordings. So even though I've written the script for Sympathetic Magic, I'll need to find another woman willing to voice it. Unfortunately, I don't have time to pursue this right now.

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