Purchasing MP3s

MP3 files are purchased and downloaded directly from hypnoticdreams.com. Payments are processed by Paypal, which accepts all major credit cards. Once the purchase is complete, the computers will automatically send you an email with the download link, user ID, and password. The email should arrive within a few minutes (Although I have occasionally seen delays of up to 8 hours). If you don't receive the download information within 24 hours, please email me. Please download your file as soon as possible. You never know when I might change the password.

Email Issues: To avoid email issues, please add my domain @hypnoticdreams.com to your email's whitelist before making your purchase.


Purchasing CDs

CDs are manufactured by Createspace, an on-demand publishing company owned and operated by Amazon.com. CDs may be purchased through either CreateSpace or Amazon. These companies handle both their own purchasing and shipping. CDs usually arrive in 5-7 days. If there are any problems, please contact their support services.

Incorrect Track Titles in iTunes
The CDs are standard audio CDs; they do not include track titles, artist or genre information. iTunes will try to match the CD to the Gracenote database and may therefore display the wrong data.

Wholesale/Bulk Purchasing
Retailers in the USA and Canada may puchase CDs in bulk. Email me for details.

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Purchasing My Novels

My novels, Redemption for the Hypnotist and The Pygmalion Hypnotist may be purchased from Smashwords.com, Amazon.com, iTunes, and Barns&Noble.