Rezoned – good title?

By | February 20, 2010

This week I started fleshing out a erotic hypnosis script for expanding the erogenous zones. One of my reference books tells me that women have 11 major erogenous zones, but that for some women, the zones cover more area than for other women. So I had this idea that to write a script that will expand the zones until they merge and cover the whole body. And of course, with my quirky sense of humor, I was going to name this recording Rezoned.

I’ve had the general idea for some time, but as I started writing it down, I realized that the particular scene that I’m creating is more about sensual awareness of the skin, than about the size of the erogenous zones. The scene takes a delicate paint brush and ‘paints’ lines of sexual energy from the sex out to different parts of the body. Then spirals the energy into that part of the body creating new sexual links in the listener’s awareness.

It’s going to be a slow, sensual and delicate fantasy, and now I’m wondering if Rezoned is really the best title to capture the mood.

Any suggestions for a better title?