Self Help Hypnosis

Trance Conditioning

These two recordings are designed to help the listener achieve deeper trances and more vivid visualizations. These MP3s provide a perfect complement for self-help hypnosis programs (i.e., hypnotherapy, weight loss, build confidence, improve study habits, etc). And the script is free of sexual and gender references. So anyone can use them.

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The male-voiced versionTrance Conditioning (male voice)

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The female-voiced version
Trance Conditioning (female voice)

dream catcher

A More Sensual Kegel

A direct hypnosis program to help connect the Kegel exercises to the anticipation of intimatcy and pleasure; providing stronger motivation for daily exercises. Hypnosis for a More Sensual Kegel Exercise

hypnosis for eating healthy

You can Enjoy Eating Healthy

Enjoy the process of discovering, preparing, and eating healthy meals. This non-sexual hypnosis MP3 combines suggestions for setting goals, activity-based meal planning, mindful eating, possitive self talk, and attentiveness to your body's response to foods with feelings of confidence, enjoyment and acheivement. Hypnosis for Eating Healthy