Should I produce more self help recordings?

By | March 27, 2012

Been thinking about this question this week. Should I consider producing some self help hypnosis recordings? (Weight loss, smoking cessation, improve self esteem, etc.)

The question came up because sales of my erotic hypnosis recordings have decreased over the last year (in spite of my producing new recordings). Someone suggested I expand my offerings to include self help hypnosis. I’ve always resisted this in the past, because I’m not a licensed therapist. But now I wonder if it might have been a good idea.

Anyone have an opinion on this?

2 thoughts on “Should I produce more self help recordings?

  1. Anonymous

    I guess you should give it a try. I mean, you can always learn from real therapists and you do have a wonderful voice.

  2. Mesmer7

    Thank you, Anonymous. Yes I'd have to learn quite a bit. But it might be worth it.

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