by Angraecus Daniels

Note: I wrote the Darren Braid series to try to bridge the gap between erotica and reality. Erotica always seems to portray an idealized version of dominance and submission, where dominants are virtually all-knowing, and submissives are all happy and fulfilled. News programs and crime dramas seem to do the opposite, only showing women and children being abused and exploited. But in real life, the positive and negative exist together. People enjoy healthy D/s relationships because they learn from other people's bad experiences. I'd never seen a story that brought both sides together, and I thought it would be interesting to explore the coexistence of positive and negative relationships.

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Redemption for the Hypnotist Darren Braid Book 1

Darren Braid was a respected psychology professor until a student accused him of trying to hypnotize her into sexual slavery. Feeling betrayed, Darren retreated into seclusion until the FBI asks him to go undercover to infiltrate a sex slavery ring.

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pygmalion hypnotist

The Pygmalion Hypnotist Darren Braid Book 2

When hypnotist, Darren Braid, is asked to transform a co-dependent woman into a dominatrix, he uncovers repressed memories of a childhood abduction and a ring of pedophiles. He must track down the girl's earliest abuser to uncover her true identity and reunite her with her family.

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Short Stories

Hero & Heroine I

Lost Marbles

Lost Marbles is a contemporary (non-erotic) fantasy included in Misque Press' Hero & Heroine I. When a grad student is summoned to into magical world, he finds himself surrounded by intelligent, magical hamsters. They are searching for their legendary ancestor and a lost acolyte. But he doesn't know magic- can he help them?

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Geeky Kink

The First Annual Geeky Kink Anthology

My short story, "One DIY Kinky Comic Book Movie Cuming Up" is included in Riverdale Ave Books' First Annual Geeky Kink Anthology. This story is a sequel to The Three-Point Orgasm.

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The Three-Point Orgasm

male dominant, erotic hypnosis

Voluptuous Carly loves to volunteer for hypnosis shows and show off her busty figure. After August's final performance, Carly joins him in his hotel room for erotic game they call "The Three Point Orgasm". Hypnotic suggestion makes her nipples as sensitive as her clit but she can't touch them herself. She can only cum by giving the hypnotist a lap dance and rubbing all three of her 'points' against the hypnotist's body.

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René and the Demon

philosophical satire

After a grad student hypnotizes an undergrad, they discuss the similarity between hypnosis, hyperempiria, and Descartes' hypothetical mind controlling demon.

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Learning to Love Freely

male dominant, outdoor sex, erotic hypnosis

Seeing him, made everything else fade away. Nothing else existed. She ran to him with her arms open for a hug. Then stopped; a bit confused by her own actions. This wasn't proper. A lady doesn't loose control or display desires in public. Daniel knew this would happen. "It's okay," he said. "Friends can hug in an airport. See?" He nodded towards a nearby couple. She wanted to hug him, but she shook her head in awkward defiance of the desire, and offered to shake hands instead.

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Cable TV Seduction

male dominant, seduction, subliminals, erotic dancing, mind control

Imagine that it is September, you are returning to school, and you are just moving into a new apartment. You are alone; the rest of your family has returned to New Jersey. You are not completely unpacked. You dress in a semi-sheer blouse, tied up in a halter, and a tight pair of shorts. And begin to attack the huge pile of boxes in the middle of your living room.

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