updated description for better marketing

By | November 20, 2009

Building the Perfect Fetish sells about half as well as my other “for women” recordings. Yet, most of the people who have bought it have loved it. So I have to assume the problem is in my marketing, either the title, description, or the sample.

A few months ago, I thought about changing the title, but honestly couldn’t think of a better one. I ended up just adding the word “Hypnosis” to the title, which wasn’t a real change. I did changed the audio sample, but that didn’t increase sales. So today I rewrote the description. Hopefully this will make the recording appealing to a larger audience.

Marketing has never been my strong suit. Earlier this year, I read a couple of marketing books, Blue Ocean Strategy and Waiting for your Cat to Bark. I also occasionally read Holly Buchanan’s blog about marketing to women, but I haven’t been able to apply much of what I read. Little-to-none of it seems to apply to my type of product. (Or I just don’t understand marketing.)

If this doesn’t help, I’ll probably have to resign myself to the fact that Building the Perfect Fetish just has a limited appeal; until a Trickster god gets a marketing guru addicted to my voice.