Erotica for the Visually Impaired

It is estimated that approximately 140 million people worldwide suffer from visual or hearing impairments. The American Foundation for the Blind reports that in the USA alone, 20 million people suffer from visual impairment. Their surveys showed as many as 22% of visually impaired people were interested in watching Adult (X-Rated) videos with audio description. Well, I don't produce videos, but I do produce sexually explicit audio stories, which are just as accessible. So if you know someone who is blind or visually impaired, please help them discover Hypnotic Dreams erotic audio stories.

Some stories are purely for entertainment. Some use hypnosis and NLP techniques to synchronize the mind and body for increased sexual desire and greater sexual pleasure. Some contain intense dominance and submission scenes and post-hypnotic commands for real-life sexual submission. Most also include positive affirmations and post-hypnotic suggestions to help the listener free themselves from sexual inhibitions, achieve deeper arousal, greater pleasure, and experience more intense orgasms with real-life partners. But every hypnotic story is designed to entertain.

Fair Warning

Your subconscious mind will naturally accept the suggestions that give you pleasure, even when you are not consciously aware that you accept them. While reading or listening to hypnotic stories, you may consciously or unconsciously accept suggestions that will:

  • increase your sexual desire
  • increase the desire to be hypnotized
  • increase submissiveness
  • create instant and intense sexual responses

One Caveat

These stories are designed to engage three senses: sight, hearing and touch. I can't predict how people who were born blind will respond to the suggested visualizations. But people with only partial vision loss, or who lost their sight later in life should be able to enjoy these recordings.


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