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Explore and enhance your sexuality with erotic hypnosis. Hypnotic Dreams offers informative articles, entertaining short stories, full-length novels and sexually explicit audio files. Our mp3s help you explore your sexual fantasies, enhance sexual submission training, improve your sexual health and enhance your pleasure.

"…a unique and wonderful way to connect with your own sexuality." — Oysters&Chocolate

The Darren Braid novels

The Darren Braid series of novels available as ebooks

Two full-length novels that bridge the gap between D/s erotica and reality. Erotica always seems to portray an idealized version of dominance and submission, where dominants are virtually all-knowing, and submissives are always happy and fulfilled. News programs and crime dramas only show women and children being abused and exploited. But in real life, the positive and negative exist together. People enjoy healthy D/s relationships because they learn from other people’s negative experiences. Read More »


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