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Erotic hypnosis helps you explore your sexual fantasies, enhance D/s submission training, improve your sexual health and enhance your pleasure. Whether you’re whether you’re just curious, a hypnosis enthusiast, a submissive, or a lifestyle slave, we have hypnosis MP3s for you.

A unique and wonderful way to connect with your own sexuality.

It took me to a previously unexplored place within my own sexual self; one which provided some unexpected thrills and distinctive feelings.

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The Pygmalion Hypnotist - A psychological crime novel

Free short stories involving erotic hypnosis and mind control
Erotic Hypnosis/Mind Control Short Stories


Understanding Erotic Hypnosis

My nonfiction book, Understanding Erotic Hypnosis will be released in 2024. Read more…

The Darrin Braid Series

Psychology professor and hypnotist Darrin Braid goes undercover to infiltrate a sex trafficking ring. But once inside he meets the beautiful Latoya Douglas who has huge hypnosis fetish. Will he try to reform her or will she corrupt him? Read more…

Short Stories (Mind Control Erotica)

Free short erotic stories involving hypnosis and mind control. Some male-dominant, some female dominant. MFF, MF, FF sex. Read more…

Redemption for the Hynotist by author, Hypnotic Dreams (obviously a pseudonym) is a surprisingly good read! Once I began to read, it was almost impossible to put down.

While reading “Pygmalion Hypnotist”, suspense enthusiasts may keep one eye closed. Clucking like a chicken won’t be a concern, but delving into the world of pedophiles and slavery is a topic only meant for the strong of heart.


My thoughts on these three interrelated subjects: hypnosis, dominance and submission, and sexual health.

4 Ways Dominants Approach Erotic Hypnosis

Dominance and Submission

How to Be Sex Positive with Hypnosis
Sexual Health