serial recruitment stories

By | February 25, 2013


A Classic Dilbert reprinted at today.

Serial recruitment is a classic theme in mind control stories. The first instance [that I know of] was in the movie, Dracula has Risen from the Grave. Dracula enslaved the beautiful Veronica Carlson, who then brings him another girl.

I think the theme is popular because it demonstrates a high level of control over the subject. When one hypnotized girl brings another girl to the hypnotist, she is acting as an extension of the hypnotist, moved by his will or the desire to serve him as he wishes. This makes it very sexy.

To my knowledge, only one of the femdom hypnotists have included suggestions for serial recruitment in her recordings. Lady Lita used to tell her subjects to recruit new subjects for her. Unfortunately, some of her subjects became a bit overzealous. Their efforts were seen as Lita trying to steal subjects from other dommes. And that caused some animosity in the erotic hypnosis community.

But while I enjoy the idea that my listeners would recommend my recordings to their friends, I also respect that most of my customers are very private about their interest in erotic hypnosis. So I have avoided this type of suggestions in my recordings.