4 Ways Dominants Approach Erotic Hypnosis

4 Ways Dominants Approach Erotic Hypnosis

If you’re submissive and new to erotic hypnosis, you may be wondering how to select a hypnotist. What should you look for? How do you know if you will be compatible? Ask them about their approach to erotic hypnosis. Every dominant is a unique individual. And every dominant approaches erotic hypnosis in their own unique way. But it’s possible to group these reasons into 4 general approaches.

  • as a power exchange,
  • as a teacher or mentor,
  • as an artist, and
  • as a way to make money

The Power Exchange

For many people, power is the ultimate aphrodisiac. And the power exchange is the primary attraction to BDSM. Dominants get a rush of excitement and pleasure from exerting control over submissives. And submissives get a similar rush from feeling the doms take that control.

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The mind is your most sensitive sexual organ. And for many people, mental stimulation is essential for sexual arousal. Real hypnosis isn’t like you see in the movies. But hypnosis can still be a powerful method of establishing emotional rapport, which enables the dominant to manipulate and control the submissive’s mental arousal.

Stimulate the mind, and the body will follow. Once the dominant is able to control the submissive’s mental arousal, they often take great pleasure in seeing how far they can push the submissive’s physical state. They may force their sub into chastity, edging, and orgasm control. These are common BDSM activities. Many dominants use chastity and orgasm control to make the submissive feel dependent on the dom for their sexual pleasure. But with hypnosis, the dominant can push these feelings even further, making the submissive feel like the they have total control over the sub’s sexual arousal and pleasure.

This makes the rush of hypnotic domination even more intense than traditional BDSM power exchange.

Teaching and Mentoring

Not all dominants hunger for power. Some view dominance and submission like student-teacher relationships. These dominants enjoy helping others explore their sexuality, learn about themselves, and discover their sexual potential.

Teacher-dominants use hypnosis to help others overcome sexual inhibitions and explore their sexual fantasies. I say ‘others’ because many are willing to work with both submissive and vanilla subjects. They allow their students to set the tone, the goals, and the limits of their sessions, which may or may not include BDSM power exchanges. More often, they help their subjects develop greater self-understanding and self-confidence, which leads to greater intimacy and sexual satisfaction in future relationships.

Creating Art

Artists create to learn, to develop a deeper understanding of a subject, and in doing so we recreate ourselves. We write erotic hypnosis stories and articles to explore our sexuality and understand how it shapes our lives. With each story, we refine our understanding of the our dreams and fantasies, and in the process, evolve and grow. When we share our stories, we share our understanding so that others may learn from our efforts.

Hypnosis can also be approached like an art. We develop hypnosis scripts, and media files to better understand the connections between knowledge and sexuality. And when we hypnotize a subject, we share this understanding.

In D/s relationships, and with the submissive’s consent, a dominant may also use hypnosis to completely reshape their submissive’s sexuality. Combining hypnotic suggestion, positive reinforcement, NLP, and other methods, a dominant may shape the submissive’s mental sexuality like an artist sculpts clay. This process requires considerable trust, commitment, and patience, as well as a willingness to experiment. But the process enables the dom and sub to grow together, which can lead to a deeply intimate and rewarding relationship.

Making Money

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There’s a fetish for everything. And where there’s a fetish, there’s a business opportunity – or ten. Public awareness of erotic hypnosis has been growing for more than 20 years now. As soon as fetishists had access to the internet, they realized how many people were interested in erotic hypnosis and how little material existed for it. Writers started writing stories and performing artists started creating media files. Some professional dominatrixes noticed the growing interest and began incorporating hypnotic domination to their services. Soon after that, the hacks and opportunists jumped on the bandwagon and started offering their materials.

Some professional dominatrixes may take the time to learn the basics of hypnosis. But it’s often a secondary service, not something the domme actually enjoys for it’s own sake. So they rarely continue learning beyond the basics.

Hacks and opportunists are only interested in the money. And will usually slap together a half-assed production with minimal effort. They rarely show any interest in the subjects beyond how much money they can get from you (just like politicians and prostitutes). At best, they offer a few minutes of mindless entertainment.

…and all of the above

These four categories are far from mutually exclusive. As I said in the beginning, everyone is unique and we all have our own set of reasons for exploring erotic hypnosis. Power hungry dominants often become businesspeople. Artists may become teachers and mentors. Mentors can become businesspeople. And business people can devolve into hacks. Even the greatest of artists can devolve into a hack when they stop learning and start repeating the same formulaic tripe over and over.

How to Determine Your Dominant’s Approach

Once you understand the four basic categories, it’s pretty easy to determine your dominant’s approach. Doms who are primarily interested in the power exchange are strict and demanding. They like to push boundaries, and will push hard to establish and maintain their control.

Mentors and teachers are much more flexible. They’re more respectful of personal limits and they’re often willing to work with people who are in other relationships. They let their submissives and students set the goals and pace. And when they push a submissive’s boundaries, they’ll do it gently.

Artists are experimenters, always learning and enjoy trying new things. They’re often eager to try things outside their own comfort zone. And they encourage their subs to do the same.

Hacks are the opposite, rarely learning or trying anything new. They use the same basic hypnotic induction for everyone. And opportunists (at least in the hypnofetish communities) rarely pay attention to anyone who doesn’t pay for their time.


As I stated earlier, everyone has their own unique set of reasons for exploring erotic hypnosis. But understanding these four basic types will help you determine which type of dom is best for you.