A critique from Flogging the Quill

By | May 14, 2014

Trying some non-erotic writing, I opened myself up to a little criticism of a new story idea. Editor and story consultant, Ray Rhamey, offers first page critiques for writers. You send him the first chapter of your novel. He posts it on his blog in two parts: the first page, and the rest of the chapter. Then he and his readers critique it from a reader’s perspective, whether or not it will entice a reader to read further.

I submitted the first chapter (actually a very early draft) of “The Dark Matter Bimbos”. You can join the dialog at  http://www.floggingthequill.com/flogging_the_quill/2014/05/flogometer-for-danielwould-you-turn-the-first-page.html

Be candid, and don’t worry about hurting my feelings (it’s just a first draft). But keep in mind that it’s a mainstream (not erotic) writer’s community.