a possible kajira training fantasy

By | January 23, 2010

Been playing with an online sub this past week. She’s a great hypnotic subject and a natural born kajira. And it got me to go back to the gorean novels and look up the some of the training techniques. Some of the techniques described in the Assassin of Gor would be easy to adapt to a hypnotic recording. (i.e., kneeling in front of the mirror and telling yourself what you want) But I’d have to go far beyond what the book describes to make a really effective recording. No problem, I’m experimenting with some possible ideas with this new online sub.

The only problem I see is in choosing a title for the recording. I think I once read that the word “kajira” was originally a turkish word for slave girl. But everything I read today says that John Norman created the word for his Gor novels. So I need to figure out how to do this without violating copyright.