About the Author / Hypnotist

I have been fascinated with both science fiction and hypnosis for as long as I can remember. So many comic books and TV shows portrayed women in a hypnotic trance that it is impossible to be remember which inspired my first thoughts in this area. But even as a young teen, I recognized the inherent eroticism of hypnotic domination.

In college, I pursued a BS in Engineering, but I also studied graphic design, literature, and mythology. I learned about the incredible power of stories to shape thoughts and beliefs. And I realized that my own fascination with erotic hypnosis came from the stories I’d read and the TV shows that I’d seen.

After college I sought a way to share with women the eroticism I discovered. I experimented with meditation and self-hypnosis to improve my allergies and my athletic performance, and developed my foreplay techniques into a form of tactile hypnosis. By combining hypnotic suggestion with a sensual feather-like touch, I found it easy to draw my lover into a trance and increase her sexual desire.

Professionally, I became a technical writer. But I continued studying hypnosis, NLP and creative writing on my own. In 2005, I completed an M.S. in Technical Communication (which actually included a course on storytelling). In 2006 and 2007, I published two peer-reviewed research papers. I currently divide my time between developing Hypnotic Dreams, bicycling,  reading, writing, studying philosophy, and learning classical guitar (which you can hear on some of the recordings).

Many women have told me that I have an incredibly hypnotic voice. Many even said that they would pay to listen to me. Hence the idea for Hypnotic Dreams. I’ve honed my skills through more than 20 years of practicing erotic hypnosis in the bedroom, online, and over the phone. Add to all of this several years of working with quality engineers, a thirst for knowledge, and now a desire to create a unique art, and you can be assured of a truly unique experience.

About My Anonymity

A few people have asked why I maintain my anonymity. There are two reasons: One is that I want the listeners to envision their own ‘perfect man’ while listening to the recordings and not be influenced by my image. The other is that my graduate work is still being referenced by state and local decision makers in the USA and by academics all over the world. People looking for my research papers still occasionally google my name, and I don’t want those people to discount the value of that work just because I also produce erotica.

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