I need another term for ‘rape-fantasy’

I have found a publisher for my book, Understanding Erotic Hypnosis, and I’m currently working on the third draft. The book includes a few paragraphs that discuss the differences between forced arousal fantasies and rape fantasies. I think they’re important discussions. BUT the publisher has informed me that I cannot use the word ‘rape’ anywhere in the book. Distributors like Ingram and Amazon use automated text analysis and will reject the book if they find the word regardless of context.

I’ve been trying for two months to come up with another term for ‘rape fantasy’, but I’m just stuck. So I need a little help

Here are the paragraphs where the I use the term.

From Chapter 31, Consensual Non-Consent

As stated before, all hypnosis is a cooperative effort between hypnotist and subject. But the idea of non-consensual hypnosis excites many enthusiasts. This is partly inspired by media portrayals of hypnosis, and partly by the same instinctual desires that inspire rape and forced-arousal fantasies among other kinksters.

From Chapter 32, Forced Arousal

Many non-kinksters think forced arousal is synonymous with rape and ravishment fantasies. It is not. Forced arousal may be an important element of those fantasies, but it’s also an important element of resistance play, hypnotic domination, tease and denial, orgasm control, and paranormal role-play. In many cases, it is an expression of the desire to synchronize mental and physical desire.

What do you think? Is there another term I can use instead? Or should I just delete the ‘offending’ sentences? Leave a comment below or send me a message from the contact page.