Art for Essence of a Slave


I selected the cover art for Essence of a Slave, my next erotic hypnosis script.

While I was working on this image, my mother walked by and glanced over my shoulder. She was appalled that I was working on anything related to sexual slavery, and pestered me about it for the next two hours. She just can’t understand the concept of consensual slavery.

But I think this is a very sensual picture. And the girl kind of reminds me of Ksenia Solo from the TV show Lost Girl.

Essence of a Slave will be a kidnapping and D/s fantasy with  post-hypnotic suggestions to think and feel like a true slave.

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  1. When will it be released my girl is patiently waiting.

  2. Hopefully (cross your fingers) near the end of April, early May. The rehearsals are going well, but I haven't figured out what background music to use.

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