Is it Art or Entertainment?

Is erotic hypnosis an art or entertainment? The answer depends on how you define art and, of course, which erotic hypnosis mp3s you’re considering.

The dictionary gives the following definition:

art – the quality, production, expression, or realm, according to aesthetic principles, of what is beautiful, appealing, or of more than ordinary significance.

The problem with this definition is that beauty and significance are both subjective, especially when it comes to erotica. What is erotically beautiful to one person, may be disgusting to others. And what is significant to one person may be trivial to others. The Brides of Fu Manchu contained several scenes with brainwashed women obeying their Master’s commands. I found women’s looks of blissful adoration to be both beautiful and erotic. My brother found the whole movie to be boring and worthless. (To be fair, dialog was cheesy and the plot was pretty typical for the genre.)

Jeff Goins published another definition to distinguish art from entertainment:

Entertainment gives you a predictable pleasure… Art leads to transformation.

While this definition works for traditional arts (music, literature, etc.) It doesn’t work for erotic hypnosis. The problem is that because many of the listeners want to be changed by hypnotic suggestions, they may in fact be changed by even the most mediocre recordings. So by this definition, even the most unoriginal script could be considered art.

Recently, I’ve come to believe that the distinction between art and entertainment lies in the act of creation. Creating art transforms the artist. Someone once wrote that an expert is someone who approaches ever task in a way that enables them to enhance their knowledge or expand their skill. And I’d like to apply that definition to art.

An artist is someone who creates as a way to develop their mind and engage in personal growth.

By extension:

Art is both the result of self development and the expression of that development, an expression that can be shared and helps other people engage in their own self-directed growth.

How does this apply to erotic hypnosis?

When I write a hypnosis script, I research the subject. Whether I’m writing a vanilla sexual fantasy, a forced arousal fantasy, a submission training program, or a personality transformation fantasy, I read what other people are writing on the subject. I chat with people about their fantasies. This way, I develop and enhance my concept of the fantasy or fetish. I engage in a form of personal growth.

When I write and record my script, I’m expressing my new understanding. I try to develop my scripts so that listeners find them both entertaining, enlightening and sometimes even transformative. I try to create a recording that is both Art and Entertainment.

Some of my listeners have described my mp3s as a ‘wild ride‘. Others have said that my mp3s helped improve their sex life. Everyone’s experience is different.

So does that mean erotic hypnosis is art or entertainment? I say it can be both.

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