4 Ways Dominants Approach Erotic Hypnosis

Understanding the four basic approaches to erotic hypnosis helps submissives chose a compatible dominant hypnotist.

Petplay: Training with Hypnosis and Meditation

Learn how to enhance BDSM Petplay through meditation and hypnosis

Consensual Non-Consent in Hypnotic Domination

Consensual non-consent is a big part of hypnotic domination. Hypnosis enthusiasts love feeling sexually overwhelmed and giving up control to feel deeper arousal.

Developing Subspace with Hypnosis

Subspace is the state of mind that submissives enter to enjoy BDSM activities. When a submissive enters this mental space, the dom’s control feels intimate and exciting. Hypnosis provides the most effective methods to help a sub develop subspace and condition them to return to it on command.

Cock Control, JOI, Chastity – Yes, There is a Difference!

The term ‘cock control’ is often used  interchangeably with three related terms: chastity, triggered erections, and jerk off instructions (JOI). But only erections triggered through hypnotic dissociation are true cock control.

Hypnosis and the Needs of the Submissive

When I first came online to discuss hypnosis and dominance and submission, a few submissives told me that a true dominant doesn’t need to hypnotize his sub to control her. But the truth is hypnosis isn’t always about what the dominant wants. Sometimes, it’s about what the submissive needs to feel controlled, to let go… Read More »