Consensual Non-Consent in Hypnotic Domination

“Safe, Sane, Consensual” is an important philosophy in BDSM relationships. It’s important because it defines the difference between healthy and unhealthy activities. Consent also defines the difference between legal and illegal acts. But the idea non-consensual sex excites people. And this is especially true of people exploring hypnotic domination. Rape and forced arousal fantasies seem… Read More »

5 Misconceptions about Erotic Hypnosis

5 misconceptions about erotic hypnosis perpetuated by comic books, TV and movies.

How to Overcome Sexual Inhibitions with Hypnosis

Over come sexual inhibitions by using hypnosis to create positive anticipation and excitement

Hypnosis Helps Women Reach Orgasm

Hypnosis helps you synchronize mental and physical arousal, enabling you to reach orgasm more quickly and easily.

Redefining Obscenity for the 21st Century

Nearly every year, we hear rumors of government crackdown on porn and obscenity. Contrary to popular belief, obscenity isn’t protected by the 1st Amendment. But the criteria for defining obscenity is (and always has been) subjective. Miller v. California, 413 U.S. 15 (1973) established the current legal standard for obscenity, which includes three criteria: ‘the… Read More »

Getting Started with Erotic Hypnosis

Erotic hypnosis is a growing genre of erotic entertainment. But people also use it to develop their sexuality, and to enhance dominance and submission training.

Why We Enjoy Erotic Audio

We listen erotic audio to evoke arousal and excitement. Nearly any sound can effect our mood; from the gentle sound of a light rain to the aggressive noise from a lawnmower. But nothing influences our emotions like the human voice. From the soothing whisper of a mother’s lullaby to the aggravating screams of television advertisers,… Read More »

Hypnosis Can Help Women Enjoy Fellatio

Many women enjoy performing fellatio, but many do it only to please their men. Women who enjoy it understand that fellatio is more than just sucking a man’s cock. It’s a kiss, a deeply intimate kiss through which a woman expresses her love for her man’s sexuality while sharing her excitement and anticipation for sexual… Read More »

Can You Be Hypnotized to Act Against Your Will?

Hypnosis can’t force you to act against your will. But for hypnofetishists being seduced to wanting something they wouldn’t want on their own is extremely erotic

Increase Your Libido with Erotic Hypnosis

Erotic Hypnosis provides a safe and fun way to increase your libido. Low libido seems to be a fairly common problem…or maybe it isn’t. According to a study published in the Archives of International Medicine, somewhere between 26% and 52% of women in the USA suffer from low libido or inadequate sexual pleasure1. But other… Read More »