How Hypnosis Can Help Bi-Curious Women

Hypnosis helps bi-curious women explore their desire to be with other women.

Playing erotic hypnosis for your girlfriend or wife

I played an erotic hypnosis mp3 for my wife, but she didn’t seem affected. Why not? Most of my erotic hypnosis MP3s are for women listeners. But I see a lot of husbands and boyfriends buying MP3s for their submissive wives and girlfriends.  Yesterday of my customers asked me a question about playing Introducing Erotic… Read More »

How do MP3s compare to Youtube Videos?

A couple of people have asked how effective my hypnosis mp3 files are compared to yahoo videos. Both said that the videos were ineffective, and asked how they could become more receptive to hypnotic suggestion. This is a good question. Given the proliferation of youtube hypnosis videos, a lot of people must be trying them.… Read More »

How long does it take for hypnosis recordings to be effective?

How long does it take for hypnosis recordings to be effective? This is a very individual thing, and depends on many different factors. So let me borrow a model from the technical communication field. The collaborative model of communication is also applicable to hypnosis. This model states that a speaker and listener collaborate to develop… Read More »

Women Can Enjoy Erotic Hypnosis Too

If you google the phrase “erotic hypnosis”, you can easily find dozens of sites for femdom erotic hypnosis for men, but only one or two sites selling recordings for women. Perhaps because men aggressively seek porn more than women do, there are more web sites and products that cater to men’s fantasies. But women can… Read More »