Ask Lady Brain (part 2)

The Ask Lady Brain show was partly taped in advance and partly done live. So I couldn’t listened to the original broadcast and I didn’t know how much clowning around they’d do. So when I listened to the mp3 archive on their web site, I was somewhat disappointed. But fortunately, I have a few friends on who pointed out that amid all that clowning, Steph actually said some fairly nice things about the hypnosis session.

There are some positive take-aways–she felt deeply relaxed, like she’d gotten a massage, and though she said it wasn’t her thing, she said it would be cool to have someone in your life who could do this for you every night. “Take you down,” I think she said.

Given the kind of show it is, I’m not surprised that they busted around so much. But you got your message out there … and your URL! That’s something.

So maybe it was a good thing after all. Here’s the link to the episode archive. You be the judge. It’s the episode titled, Steph gets hypnotized.

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