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The Darren Braid Novels

A series of sexually explicit erotic hypnosis novels.

Redemption for the Hypnotist - An Erotic hypnosis novel

Book 1: Redemption for the Hypnotist

Psychology professor and hypnotist Darrin Braid goes undercover to infiltrate a sex trafficking ring. But once inside he meets the beautiful Latoya Douglas who has huge hypnosis fetish. Will he try to reform her or will she corrupt him?

Once I began to read, it was almost impossible to put down.Not Now…Mommy’s Reading

Book 2: The Pygmalion Hypnotist

Darrin Braid is asked to hypnotize an aspiring porn actress and help her become a dominatrix. But what suppressed memories will he uncover?

Readers will find is a view into a world of choices with a clinical edge and interesting perspective.  – Natasza Waters @ InD’tale Magazine 

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Understanding Erotic Hypnosis (forthcoming Nonfiction)


Understanding Erotic Hypnosis documents the growing phenomenon of individuals and couples using hypnosis for sexual health, personal growth, and erotic entertainment. I draw on scientific research in sexual health, hypnotherapy, personal development, cognitive science, and interpersonal communication to discuss how thoughts and experiences shape your sexuality. Combining this with an analysis of several hypnotists’ techniques, I show readers how to engage in self-directed personal growth (or shared growth with a lover) while exploring a variety of erotic activities.

Readers will learn how erotic hypnosis evolved from pop culture, why people explore it, and how it fits into self-directed growth and sexual health programs. They will also learn how people are using hypnosis to::

  • increase or restore their sex drive,
  • develop greater sensual awareness,
  • synchronize their desire and arousal with a lover,
  • overcome sexual inhibitions and performance anxiety,
  • enjoy easer arousal and orgasms, and
  • engage in healthy, consensual dominance and submission and erotic roleplaying.

In the mean time, you can read the synopsis and TOC.


As of Sept 1, 2022, I’ve completed most of the writing, and a publisher has expressed interest.  However, this appears to be a very long and slow process. So it will likely be another year before the book is actually available.