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New Web site

I am happy to announce that after months of hard work, I’m finally ready to unveil my new web site, including: a professionally-built eCommerce solution with a proper shopping cart. two new short stories, linked tags for the MP3s (which will enable you to see which MP3s have common themes, and post-hypnotic suggestions), a more… Read More »

New Femdom script

Inspiration struck and I wrote a new femdom script titled “Manipulations”. It’s about a domme seducing  a man into a trance while she stroked (manipulates) his cock. Then she manipulates his subconscious into believing that she has hypnotized his cock and that it will respond to her post-hypnotic commands.

Remastered Introducing Erotic Hypnosis

I have been preparing to set up an affiliate program and talking with a potential affiliate about reviewing some of my Mp3s. And suddenly, I became very self conscious about how much I’ve learned since I produced my first MP3, Introducing Erotic Hypnosis. It’s been 15 years since I recorded my first MP3. Back then… Read More »

Researching affiliate networks

I’m thinking about  setting up an affiliate program. So I’m researching  affiliate networks. If any of my customers, fans, or potential affiliates have any experience they wish to share, please Email Me.

Back to school sale

Yes, it’s that time of the year again. And although I’m not going back to school this year, I’ve decided to have a Back-to-School sale. So now through Sept 15, 2016, my for-women erotic hypnosis files that are normally $25 are on sale for $20 (20% off).  

Still on Hiatus.

Just a brief update. Hypnotic Dreams is still on hiatus. I’m still working on my novel, The Dark Matter Bimbos, a sci fi comedy. Progress has been slow, but I’m getting there. I’ve written 42K words so far.