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Results of book giveaways

I’ve conducted three giveaways since January: Using the Rafflecopter widget on my web site and on facebook. I offered 2 copies of The Pygmalion Hypnotist (ebook). After 7 days, I received only 7 entrants. One of those two posted a review on Amazon. Using Booklike, I offered 3 copies of an Redemption for the Hypnotist… Read More »

Updated Author’s bio

I updated my Author bio on Amazon and GoodReads. Writer, philosopher, spoken word artist, and musician. I work in obscurity. In fact, it’s my favorite medium (NOT!). I breed ideas like cheshire cats and I like to peek into in various universes and poke fun at the evil mind controlling villains. I’m a synergist who… Read More »

Pygmalion Giveaway

Giving away 4 copies of The Pygmalion Hypnotist (paperback edition) Goodreads Book Giveaway The Pygmalion Hypnotist by Hypnotic Dreams Giveaway ends March 27, 2014. See the giveaway details at Goodreads. Enter to win

Another Giveaway

Conducting another giveaway. This time for my first novel, Redemption for the Hypnotist.

Video experiment

A little experiment. I recited one of my articles and made a video out of it.

Donations for Diabetes Research

Donated copies of my ebooks to Brenda Novak’s auction for the cure of diabetes. They’ll be auctioned as a bundle. The money will go to diabetes research.

Pygmalion: Is the title scaring people off?

I mentioned my frustration over my sales in a discussion board and one of the posters responded with this: The average person skimming the erotica title list will see “The Pygmalion Hypnotist” and either continue on because they have no clue what it means (“is that some kind of pygmy who hypnotizes people?”) or continue… Read More »

Giveaway concluded

The giveaway concluded last night, and I notified the winners by email this morning. If the giveaway had been successful, I would have considered conducting another giveaway with an mp3. But I was disappointed with the level of participation. Only 7 people entered, and I received no comments or feedback. So I don’t know if… Read More »


I’m conducting an experimental giveaway. Just to see how much interest it can generate. I’m giving away two copies of my latest ebook, The Pygmalion Hypnotist. There are three ways to enter. Comment on this blog, tweet about my new book, or like my facebook page. Click on the widget below for details. Two winners… Read More »

Mailing list issues

I’ve long suspected that many of my mailing list members weren’t receiving the messages I posted. Now I’ve confirmed this. I’m now searching for another software I can use to manage the list.