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Status of The Pygmalion Hypnotist

After four edits, I’ve finalized the manuscript for the Pygmalion Hypnotist. Still waiting for replies for a couple of agent queries. If I don’t hear from anyone this month. Then I will self-publish on Jan 4, 2014 (World Hypnotism Day.)

Status of The Perfect Pet

Oops, been a while since I posted. I often forget to update this blog while I’m in the middle of things. I’m currently editing the sound file for The Perfect Pet.  I’m aiming to release the file around Thanksgiving weekend.

Need a better cover?

Talking with a book designer. Seems my design for the cover of The Pygmalion Hypnotist isn’t so good. At least it isn’t appropriate if I want to market the book as a crime novel.

New Script – Good Vibrations

I have just completed writing a new script, titled Good Vibrations. Based on the idea of giving cunnilungus with a hummer (or hummilingus), this mp3 will enable the listener to feel the vibration of my voice as you would feel vibrator being applied to your sex. In this erotic hypnosis program, I help you discover… Read More »

Pleasure Drone is now available

New Release: Pleasure Drone Yes, I finally finished it. You’re abducted, brainwashed and transformed into a pleasure drone. You are strapped into my special chair that erases your mind. You have no thoughts, desires, or will of your own. Then I transport you to my tropical island paradise and make you available to my guests.… Read More »

Status of Pleasure Drone

I finally recorded a session of Pleasure Drone that I’m happy with. Now I just hope I can clean it up and mix it before I need to send my computer in repairs.

Perfect Pet – Early Preview

I posted an early preview of The Perfect Pet from today’s rehearsal. This is no where near the final recording quality, but will give potential listeners a better idea of what this erotic hypnosis mp3 is about.

Great review of Redemption…

Not Now Mommy’s Reading has posted a great review of my novel, Redemption for the Hypnotist Redemption for the Hypnotist … is a surprisingly good read! … … Once I began to read, it was almost impossible to put down. Read the whole review at goodreads.