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New Article: Hypnosis and the Kegel Exercises

As part of my continuing efforts to reach a larger audience, and to promote erotic hypnosis, I wrote a about my approach of combining hypnosis with the Kegel exercises. This article is written for a broad demographic. So please feel free to share it.

New Release: Hypnosis for a More Sensual Kegel

The loooong wait is over (for those of you who were actually waiting). Yes, I have finally released “A More Sensual Kegel” A change from my normal approach. This is not a story, but direct self-help hypnosis. This program will guide you through a basic hypnotic induction, identifying the sexual muscles, performing the basic Kegel… Read More »

Test run for Reorienting…

Connected with a test subject tonight and recited Reorienting. It was a good session, she really  enjoyed it. But we identified a couple parts of the script that need to be improved. So as soon as I finish mixing my A More Sensual Kegel, I’ll start revising Reorienting.

Early preview for A More Sensual Kegel

A More Sensual Kegel Exercise Posted an early preview (sound file) from today’s rehearsal. Just the first minute of what’s probably going to be a 16-minute recording.

Disappointed in AVN

AVN disappointed me. I thought they were going to publish a review of the Ultimate Kiss. All they published was a brief product description. But at least it gives me an announcement where I can point people to show that I was nominated for an “O” Award.

Looking for a test subject…

Sometime in the next couple of weeks, I’d like to test my new erotic hypnosis script. ReorientingIn this audio story, you are invited to a party with other bi-curious and bisexual women. The entertainment is a demonstration of hypnotic mirroring, a phenomenon where a shared gaze connects you with another woman and enables you to… Read More »

“O” Award went to Papaya Toys

Well, I didn’t win the “O” Award. The award went to Papaya Toys for their reversible battery pack. I’m disappointed but not really surprised. I knew that people who attended the AVN Expo would have a better chance of winning. Congratulations Pam.

Finally finished writing Reorientation

It’s good news, bad news day. The good news is I finally finished writing the script for Reoriention. I’ve been working on this erotic hypnosis script on- and off for a year. And I think it was one of the hardest for me to write. The goal of the script is to help bicurious women… Read More »