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The goals of the upcoming Reorientation script

I originally said the goal of my reorientation hypnosis script would be to “nudge heterosexual women towards becoming bicurious and open to being with another woman”. But after a couple of online conversations, I started saying the goal would be “to help bicurious women become more comfortable with their desires and willing to act on… Read More »

Finalist for The “O” Awards

Finalist 2010 “O” Awards My erotic hypnosis recording, The Ultimate Kiss is a finalist for the 2010 “O” Award for Outstanding Innovation in the Pleasure Products Industry.  The “O” Awards, honors outstanding achievements in the pleasure products industry, including design, innovation, marketing, distribution and retailing.  The winner will be announced at the AVN Expo in… Read More »

New CDs available

I’ve made 3 more of my hypnosis recordings available on CD. The Artist’s Brush Demon Seed Trance Conditioning (Female Voice) They are currently available from CreateSpace and should be available from in about a week. Naturally, MP3s are still available from

Donations to the Kinsey Institute?

Been talking with Isabella Valentine about the Kinsey Institute. Seems the institute has some interest in collecting a sampling of erotic hypnosis recordings for their research library. I’m not clear on how the institute plans to use the recording beyond archiving them. But I like the idea I’ve accomplished something that future generations may consider… Read More »

Coming CDs

Finally finished uploading The Artist’s Brush and Demon Seed and Trance Conditioning (Female Voice) files to CreateSpace. So these titles should be available on CD in a couple of weeks. While I was at it, I updated the info page about purchasing. I know for most people the process is self-explanatory, but every once in… Read More »

The O Awards

I submitted The Ultimate Kiss and The Artist’s Brush for consideration for a 2010 “O” Award. AVN sponsors the “O” Awards to honor outstanding achievements in the pleasure products industry, including design, innovation, marketing, distribution and retailing. From what I can see, my recordings could fit into 3 categories, Outstanding Product Design for Women, Outstanding… Read More »

Peeperz Radio Interview

Last month I taped an interview for Peeperz Radio. They posted it on their web site today. Although Peeperz is known for interviewing porn stars, we had a good informative, discussion about erotic hypnosis, women’s sexual fantasies, the porn industry and, of course, Hypnotic Dreams. Go have a listen. (This will probably be my last… Read More »

Submitted the novel

I submitted my erotic novel to 4 agents and 2 publishers this week. Now I’m wondering if I should sit back and wait to hear from them or look for other agents and publishers to submit to.