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Discrete billing/Visa gift cards and paypal

This question doesn’t come up too often. (Though maybe it would if I had more traffic.) Yesterday a potential customer emailed me with a problem. She didn’t want her name associated with purchasing my recordings. So she tried to make the purchase with an anonymous Visa gift card. But Paypal, my payment processor, rejected the… Read More »

Replacement policy for lost files

Since Thanksgiving, Five different people have requested replacement files after hard drive crashes. This is highly unusual. I normally only receive one request per year. It’s a bit disturbing. I haven’t seen this many hard drive crashes since the early 90s. It’s even more disturbing that people aren’t backing up their files. Well, my policy… Read More »

Universal Wish List buttons.

I added Universal Wish List buttons to my web site. So now anyone can add the recordings on my web site to their wish list or gift registry. I know most of my customers are a shy about their interest in erotic hypnosis and would prefer to keep this interest more private than their… Read More »

changed the blog url

I changed the url for this blog today. I did this to be consistent with the screen name I use on many web sites: Mesmer7.

Playboy Radio was a lot of fun

Night Calls was a lot of fun tonight. We wanted to give a demonstration of how effective my recordings are. You can’t conduct an entire hypnotic induction over the air. But we arranged for me to hypnotize one of the ladies before the show. Alexia, the show’s associate producer called me about an hour before… Read More »

I’ll be on Playboy radio again

I’ve been invited to be a guest on Playboy Radio’s Night Calls this Wed Dec 1 at 7:40 pm Eastern Time (4:40 pm Pacific Time). Naturally, I’ll be speaking about erotic hypnosis and Hypnotic Dreams.Playboy Radio can be heard by SIRIUS 99 and XM 99 radio subscribers.Night Calls broadcasts live between the hours of 4… Read More »

New blog

A new project and a new blog: I read a lot, mostly sci fi, but also a fair number of non-fiction books. So I decided to join’s affiliate program and start blogging (writing reviews) of what I read. You can read my first few reviews here

Enthralling Rhythms reviewed at Fleshbot has posted a glowing review my latest femdom hypnosis recording Enthralling Rhythms. “I don’t know much about hypnosis or Ericksonian storytelling, but I know a thing or two about sexy times, and Hypnotic Dreams definitely has some sexiness going on. I had my doubts about whether I’d be able to take a hypnotic lap… Read More »

Is the Artist’s Brush cursed?

I’m beginning to wonder if The Artist’s Brush is cursed, or if I am. I’ve recorded several sessions of this script and I have yet to get the sound quality right. I don’t remember ever having this much trouble with my previous recordings.

Progress on the novel

My erotic novel is progressing nicely. The novel starts from my short story, What’s in a Story? where an expert in erotic mind control pitches his services to a sex slavery ring. Then each succeeding chapter expands the plot, characters, and action. As of today, I’ve expanded the story to 10 chapters (a bit over… Read More »