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Expanding a short story

I’ve decided to expand What’s in a Story? into a full-length novel. I’ve always wanted to write a novel, but with the chronic headache I had for many years, I never felt up to it. Now that the headache is gone, I’m feeling better; and I’m remembering that I once aspired to be a science… Read More »

New Release: Enthralling Rhythms

I’m happy to announce the release of our 3rd femdom recording, Enthralling Rhythms. A lap dancer seduces you into a trance by describing how the rhythm of her dance calls to your primal sexual instincts. You will feel your manhood rise as she describes how you will be helpless to resist her natural sexuality. You… Read More »

Status on upcoming recordings…

Since I decided to start over and rerecord The Artist’s Brush, I decided I might as well edit Enthralling Rhythms and make it available first. I’ve cleaned up about 1/3 of the recording so far.

hypnosis for sexual counselors…?

A friend request on Facebook reminded me of another potential market for my recordings. Introducing Erotic Hypnosis, The Pleasure Principle, The Ultimate Kiss and the upcoming The Artist’s Brush all include post-hypnotic suggestions for improved sexual health and intimacy. Well today I was reminded that some relationship counselors and sex educators might be willing to… Read More »

my first media interview…

Last night, I was a guest on the Rev Mel show. It was my first media interview, so of course, it didn’t go quite as I’d hoped. Part of the problem was the lag between video and audio. I had dialed in by telephone and was watching host over the internet. The video seemed to… Read More »

Upcoming interview

Rev Mel hosts a weekly internet radio show on her web site where she interviews people about different aspects of kinky sexual activities. Obviously, I’ll be talking about erotic hypnosis.

Starting Over on The Artist’s Brush

If you’ve been watching my web site this last month, you noticed that I pushed back the target for releasing The Artist’s Brush a few times; and you probably wondered what’s going on. Well, I screwed it up; and now I have to start over. When I recorded it last month, I knew it sounded… Read More »

Update on Enthralling Rhythms

We finally got back to work on Enthralling Rhythms, our hypnotic lap dancer/mind control fantasy. Tammy has sent me the raw recording, and as soon as I finish mastering The Artist’s Brush, I’ll start mastering this file. With any luck I’ll be able to make Enthralling Rhythms available by the end of Aug.