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Tweaking the website

My apologies if the web site’s performance gets a little weird/inconsistent this week. I’m converting a most of my images from png to jpg. I hope this will improve page download rates.  I’m also updating the HTML and CSS on most of the pages to be HTML5 compliant. Hopefully, this will improve page rendering and… Read More »

A critique from Flogging the Quill

Trying some non-erotic writing, I opened myself up to a little criticism of a new story idea. Editor and story consultant, Ray Rhamey, offers first page critiques for writers. You send him the first chapter of your novel. He posts it on his blog in two parts: the first page, and the rest of the… Read More »

What a mess.

What a mess. In the middle of changing my books to display my new pen name, the graphic program resets to the trial period. It won’t let me save or export any images. The company is out of business, so there is no tech support. The online forums have a solutions, but the only way… Read More »

New Pen Name: Angraecus Daniels

After batting it around for a while, trying out a few variations, and asking a few opinions, I’ve settled on a new pen name, Angraecus Daniels. Kind of makes me sound like an ancient Greek philosopher. But people seem to like it. Now I have to rework all the files and cover art for my… Read More »

Results of book giveaways

I’ve conducted three giveaways since January: Using the Rafflecopter widget on my web site and on facebook. I offered 2 copies of The Pygmalion Hypnotist (ebook). After 7 days, I received only 7 entrants. One of those two posted a review on Amazon. Using Booklike, I offered 3 copies of an Redemption for the Hypnotist… Read More »

Updated Author’s bio

I updated my Author bio on Amazon and GoodReads. Writer, philosopher, spoken word artist, and musician. I work in obscurity. In fact, it’s my favorite medium (NOT!). I breed ideas like cheshire cats and I like to peek into in various universes and poke fun at the evil mind controlling villains. I’m a synergist who… Read More »

Pygmalion Giveaway

Giving away 4 copies of The Pygmalion Hypnotist (paperback edition) Goodreads Book Giveaway The Pygmalion Hypnotist by Hypnotic Dreams Giveaway ends March 27, 2014. See the giveaway details at Goodreads. Enter to win

Another Giveaway

Conducting another giveaway. This time for my first novel, Redemption for the Hypnotist.

Video experiment

A little experiment. I recited one of my articles and made a video out of it.