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Dancer of Gor

I thought I could mine Dancer of Gor for ideas for a new script. But I’ve just reread the first 180 pages of this book, and it’s nothing like I remember. (Been 25 years since I first read it). I want to create a slave training fantasy that is positive and uplifting; make a woman… Read More »

Taped another interview

I taped an interview Peeperz Radio, which will be broadcast by the Pornhub Network and launched in the near future. I don’t know when this will be broadcast, probably in some distant future when I’ve totally forgotten about it. 

New Idea: Essence of a Slave

Today, I wrote the introduction to a new erotic hypnosis fantasy. I’m calling it Essence of a Slave. It is going to be based on the idea that women are born slaves and educated not to show it. So they need the unyielding domination of a strong-willed man to force them to acknowledge their slave… Read More »

Rehearsing the Kegel program.

Compaired to most of my hypnosis scripts, my Kegel script is pretty simple. So I thought I’d only need to rehearse it a couple of times to get it right. But as I was rehearsing today, I realized that I should pace this one slower; closer to regular hypnosis than one of my stories. I… Read More »

Ask Lady Brain (part 2)

The Ask Lady Brain show was partly taped in advance and partly done live. So I couldn’t listened to the original broadcast and I didn’t know how much clowning around they’d do. So when I listened to the mp3 archive on their web site, I was somewhat disappointed. But fortunately, I have a few friends… Read More »

New Release: Trance Junkie

I’m happy to announce the release of my latest recording, Trance Junkie. In this story, you ask to interview a hypnotist about women becoming addicted to hypnosis. He introduces you to two women who have become addicted to his control and describes how he enslaved them. As you listen to this story, you fall into… Read More »

Ask Lady Brain

I will be a guest on the Ask Lady Brain radio show this Sunday Feb 20 9pm PST. Listen live on 92.3 KSJO (San Jose) and 106.7 KWSS (Phoenix) Before the show, I’ll hypnotize the host with the script from Hypnotically Seduced. Then we’ll discuss her experience. After the broadcast, the show will be available… Read More »

I Hate Valentine’s Day Sale (again)

I really do hate commercial holidays. But I was just hit with a slew of expenses. So I’m having an “I Hate Valentine’s Day Sale” to try and pay for it all. 20% off all MP3 files through Midnight (Eastern Time) Feb 14, 2011. Visit to purchase.

using an older computer for a few days

Primary computer in the shop for a few days. Not the hard drive problem I expected, but still don’t know why it was over heating. I thought I’d be able to continue working on my sound files on my older computer, but apparently the older computer can’t run the software I’d been using to edit… Read More »

Recorded Trance Junkie

I recorded two sessions of Trance Junkie today. Both sounded good in some places, but had problems in others. But I think between the two of them, I should be able to build a good quality recording. I’m aiming for a release date of Feb 14-15, 2005.