Changing my asthma meds

Changing my asthma meds today. Switching from Serevent and Pulmacort to Advair. I’ve been on the the Serevent/Pulmacort combination for about 10-11 years. And it’s done well to control my asthma (when I wasn’t in mold-infested environments). But Serevent has caused me to experience frequent dizziness when exercising, and Pulmacort suppresses the thyroid function, which leaves me feeling lethargic. So the combination has seriously inhibited my activities over the years.

I hoping that switching to Advair will improve my thyroid problem and reduce the dizziness, allowing me to exercise more intensely. But I’m also a little scared that I might have an adverse reaction to Advair, or that it might not control the asthma as well. Advair contains fluticazone, the same steroid as Flonase. I had an adverse (rebound) reactions to several nasal steroids back in 2006, including Flonase. But since the reaction was already in progress before I took the Flonase, I’m not sure how I’d have reacted if I had only taken the Flonase and nothing else.

Also because all inhaled steroids can result in impaired adrenal/thyroid function, I asked for the lowest dose of the Advair. So I’m not sure if it will control my asthma at first or if I’ll have problems and have to switch to the higher dose.

How this could affect Hypnotic Dreams
There are two possible ways this could affect Hypnotic Dreams. If it doesn’t go well, the change will delay my recording of Trance Junkie and Kegel. (I recorded a session of The Artist’s Brush a couple days ago, which I think went fairly well). But if it does work out, I will have more energy and I’ll be able to record more often. Hopefully, I’ll be able to pick up the pace and produce more than just a few recordings per year.

Wish me luck

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