Consensual Non-Consent in Hypnotic Domination

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Hypnotic Domination

“Safe, Sane, Consensual” is an important philosophy in BDSM relationships. It’s important because it defines the difference between healthy and unhealthy activities. Consent also defines the difference between legal and illegal acts. But the idea non-consensual sex excites people. And this is especially true of people exploring hypnotic domination.

Rape and forced arousal fantasies seem to be fairly common.1 Everyone wants to be the inspiration for, and the recipient of a lover’s passion.2 In addition, some people find the loss of control exciting. And some find the idea of dangerous sex even more exciting. It gets their heart pumping and the adrenaline flowing. And in the fantasy, this leads to more intense passion and more satisfying sex.

Hypnotic Domination

With hypnotic domination, the fantasies may be different, but the underlying desires are the same: to feel more intense passion, arousal and excitement – and to share these feelings with another person. Non-consensual fantasies with hypnotic domination may involve:

  • mind control (brainwashing, mindlessness, personality transformation),
  • emotional enthrallment (love, loyalty, etc),
  • body control (paralysis, chastity, forced masturbation, etc.)
  • covert hypnosis

As I’ve mentioned before, hypnosis and mind control are two of the most common themes in movies and on television. From Dracula films to the reboot of Charmed, hypnotic domination is often shown with passion and sexual tension. Just as importantly, the dominated person experiences pure emotions like love, desire and loyalty. And this resonates with our subconscious memories.

As infants, we naturally experience pure emotions, pure love, pure excitement, pure joy, etc. They’re intense and overwhelming. Infants also naturally empathize with other people. When our parents feel joy, we share that emotion. When they feel excited, we share that. Sharing these emotions builds feelings of being connected with and belonging to the family.

Growing up, we learn to temper our emotions and empathy with reason. We do this to protect ourselves from being hurt or manipulated as well as to acclimate to school and work. But we retain the subconscious memory of sharing other people’s emotions and the sense of belonging that it gives us. So when we see Dracula hypnotically dominating a woman, we see it as a passionate emotional connection. Naturally, this inspires erotic fantasies of hypnotic dominance and submission.


Brainwashing is about changing your thoughts, your desires, and your will to fit someone else’s. In essence, it’s about creating that empathic connection with your sexuality. Brainwashing also frees you from responsibility and moral constraints. You’re free to indulge your wildest sexual fantasy. Men are free to be submissive or dress like women. Women are free to become sluts, strippers, seductive spies, or brothel whores. Anything the other person wants is acceptable. And no one judges or blames you.

Many sissies and transgendered women seek out forced feminization and bimbofication. Some do this because it enables them to free previously repressed aspects of their sexuality without the taking responsibility for violating social norms. But many need to feel another person’s desire for that aspect of their sexuality in order to allow it to emerge and grow.


Mindlessness, like brainwashing, frees you from responsibilities and moral constraints. And completely eliminating linguistic thoughts frees the brain to focus on sensory inputs. You can more fully immerse yourself in your body’s physical sensations. This enables you to experience more intense arousal.



Veronica Carlson is hypnotized in Dracula Has Risen From the GraveEnthrallment is a reoccurring theme in vampire stories and fantasies. When a vampire hypnotically dominates someone, they reach into their victim’s mind and create a powerful empathic connection. The hypnotized person feels the vampire’s desires as their own. This creates intense feelings of belonging, desire, and devotion. The bedroom scene in Dracula has Risen from the Grave, is a perfect example.

Many people find these feelings necessary for sexual arousal and desire.3 Others find it erotic when a hypnotist (or vampire) instills these feelings in their victims.

Body Control

Loss of body control may have originally been inspired by stories of succubi. The succubi would visit men in their sleep, paralyzing them and simultaneously invoking uncontrollable lust. The men would be aroused but helpless, and the succubi would feed on their sexual energy. The feelings are similar to the helpless excitement you feel when handcuffed to the bed while a lover teases your body.

Hypnotic Paralysis

Hypnotic domination can actually create this paralysis and the feelings of helpless excitement. And there are several ways to make it even more intensely erotic. One common way is to be frozen in place like in a stage show. You could be turned into a living mannequin, dressed and posed for display. If you are into exhibitionism or public humiliation, you may also be displayed at a party. Uncertainty about whether anyone will be allowed to touch you could make it even more exciting. You could be touched or fondled by anyone present, and there’s nothing you could about it.

This kind of hypnotic paralysis may also used to enforce chastity. The hypnotist puts mental blocks in your mind, preventing you from masturbating. If you try, your hands become paralyzed, or your arms lock down at your sides until the hypnotist frees them. This mental restraint creates a feeling of helplessness, just as if you had been tied with real ropes. It can also make you feel dependent on the dom or domme for your sexual pleasure.

Forced Movement

Similarly, hypnotic domination may also include forced arousal and masturbation. In this case the hypnotist makes you feel like they’re directly controlling your body leaving your mind untouched. It’s similar to the body hijacking shown in he Star Trek episode, Plato’s Stepchildren, and as practiced by Lost Girl’s reoccurring villain, Vex. It can feel like they’re moving you around like a marionette. Like watching a horror film, or riding a roller coaster, this fear gets the heart pumping and the adrenaline flowing.

Cock Control

In femdom relationships, hypnotic domination may also include cock control, the hypnotic triggering of involuntary erections. A skilled hypnodomme can condition a submissive man to get instantly erect at her command, at the sight of her breasts, or at the sound of her voice. Many men find this to be intensely exciting. Coupled with mental blocks not to orgasm without  permission, this can also create intense feelings of helplessness, submission and belonging.

Covert Hypnosis

Anyone who explores hypnotic domination, inevitably learns about the misconceptions perpetuated on TV. Still, many hypnofetishists are excited by the idea of being tricked or seduced into trance. This could be because seduction requires emotional rapport, being seduced makes you feel desirable, or because skill is sexy. (People are more attracted to skilled singers, dancers, and hypnotists than fumbling wannabes.) And it takes a great deal of skill (and sex appeal) to trick or seduce an educated hypnofetishist into a trance. (At least, we like to think so.)

Consensual Non-Consent

Hypnosis is always a cooperative effort between hypnotist and subject; especially when you purchase and listen to hypnosis audio files. But once you consent, a skilled hypnotist can help you safely experience the arousal and excitement of non-consensual hypnotic domination.



Hypnotic Dreams offers several erotic hypnosis audio files for you to explore consensual non-consensual hypnotic domination.

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