Eating Healthy script

I’ve finished writing the first draft of a new hypnosis script for Eating Healthy (working title).

I’ve included a lot in this script, including activity-based meal planning (i.e., planning your meals to support your favorite activity like bicycling or weightlifting), an enjoyable anticipation for discovering and learning to prepare new meals, and mindful eating. I’ve included a some confidence building suggestions with each step and some suggestions for restraint from over eating during social events.

A lot of the material is, in fact, based on my own personal experience. About 10 years ago, I started to realize that my Irritable Bowl (IBS) problems were actually caused by my reliance on TV dinners. So I learned how to cook a few meals. When that helped me solve my IBS problems, I took it further, learning how to plan meals to support my exercising goals… and I actually enjoyed the process of learning new meals.

So I’ve included much of that in the script and I think I’ve got something that will be both unique and effective for many people.

When I started writing the script, I read and listened to a few weight loss hypnosis tapes and CDs. It’s annoying how uniform they all are. Paul McKenna’s so called revolutionary system contained the exact same suggestions as a weight loss tape my mother has owned since the 1970s. (And its obvious that McKenna’s publisher paid for most of his reviews on and

Anyway, time to start rehearsing and revising. And I think I’ll want a test subject for this in a few weeks.

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